Jury Duty

Jury DutyJury duty is one of the most important civic services Tarrant County residents may ever be asked to perform. It is the only compulsory public service still in existence. The Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office wants the experience to be as comfortable, informative, and as pleasant as possible.

We have provided a quick overview of the process, parking and pay, along with some helpful phone numbers and a link for more information.

In Tarrant County, about 200,000 residents are summoned each year to hear criminal and civil cases flowing through 27 state district courts, 15 county courts and 9 justice of the peace courts. Some jurors might be called upon to hear a capital murder case. Others could be chosen to decide a civil dispute between parties. Jurors are an essential part of the judicial system.

In Tarrant County, jurors are paid $6 a day for their first day of service and $40 each day thereafter. Service can last anywhere from one day to several weeks, depending on the case.

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Free, off-site parking is available for jurors at La Grave Field, east of North Main and N.E. 6th Street. Buses provide free transportation back and forth from the parking area to downtown, where most of the county buildings are located.

For your convenience, ATM’s are located in the lobbies of the Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center, Family Law Center and Administration Building.

Being part of the judicial system is a unique and exciting opportunity that many find educational and rewarding. Remember, the process is not as fast as it appears on television. Sometimes jurors must wait on their part in the process.

You might want to bring a book, puzzle or iPod. You will meet other citizens and, perhaps, form new friendships. However, you are not permitted to post on social media websites while you are on jury duty.

Thank you for your interest.

For more information:
Jury Offices: 817-884-3825
24-hour jury information: 817-884-3820