Criminal Investigation Division

The Tarrant County District Attorney’s Criminal Investigation Division consists of 51 certified Texas Peace Officers whose primary mission is to support the prosecution of criminal cases filed with our office.

Investigators are assigned a wide variety of duties in many specialized areas of criminal investigation. Six members are part of the Tarrant County Narcotics Unit.

Our investigators’ activities include locating and interviewing witnesses, completing any necessary additional investigation into cases filed with our office, and investigating certain offenses that are reported directly to our office. They arrest suspects, interview witnesses, and file criminal cases for consideration by the grand jury. The investigators also participate in various county, state, and federal task forces targeting certain types of offenses, such as narcotics, child pornography, and computer crime.

They also participate in forensic examination of computers, cell phones and other digital equipment.  Another investigator serves as a video analyst whose function is to clarify video surveillance recordings to identify perpetrators and develop evidence for courtroom use.

At a minimum, our investigators must be currently certified as Texas Peace Officers by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education. They must have an associate degree or its equivalent and five years of law enforcement experience.

This is not an “entry level” position in law enforcement. Our investigators have a wide background in police work and usually are seasoned investigators with a proven ability to function as a member of a professional organization.