Felony Unit

A felony is a crime for which the defendant faces a sentence
of confinement in state prison. The Felony Unit’s more than 70
trial attorneys process all felony criminal cases involving adult
offenders in Tarrant County. Specialized units prosecute cases
involving juveniles, crimes against children, drugs, gangs, economic crimes and domestic violence.

Currently, ten district courts hear felony cases in Tarrant County. Each court is staffed with five assistant criminal district attorneys who prosecute all felony cases in that court. Our office strives to obtain fair, just and timely disposition of all felony indictments.

In 2010, more than 15,000 felony cases were filed in Tarrant County, ranging from theft, burglary, and robbery, to sexual assault, murder and capital murder. The felony courts disposed of more than 16,000 felony criminal cases. Eighty percent were disposed of by guilty pleas. Meanwhile, juries heard 229 felony trials. At the end of 2010, there were 8,122 felony cases pending in Tarrant County’s criminal district courts.

Our office emphasizes the prosecution of repeat offenders and crimes of violence, as well as property crimes. At the same time, we provide effective prosecution for other felonies in order to preserve the basic fabric of law enforcement and public respect for, and confidence in, the criminal justice system.

In 2010, the Felony Unit had an 83 percent conviction rate. Felony prosecutors obtained guilty verdicts in 189 of the 229 jury trials. This success is a tribute to the combined skills of an accomplished legal staff, supported by the efforts of Tarrant County’s law enforcement agencies.