Hospital Division – JPS

The Hospital Division provides a wide range of legal services to the Tarrant County Hospital District. The Hospital District is a local governmental entity created primarily to provide medical and hospital services to needy residents of Tarrant County.

The size of the Division changes depending on the needs of the Hospital District. Currently, two attorneys and two support staff operate the Hospital Division of the Criminal District Attorney’s office. A number of attorneys in the Civil Division also provide substantial legal services to the Hospital District.

The Hospital District Division provides legal representation in several areas. These include medical malpractice litigation, jail related litigation, risk management issues, collections, lien enforcement, drafting and review of contracts, informed consent issues and matters regarding organ donation and tissue procurement, as well as the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act.

Since 2004, the Criminal District Attorney’s Office has helped collect over $16 million for the Tarrant County Hospital District from insurance companies for hospital services.