Narcotics Unit

The Tarrant County Narcotics Unit (TCNU), organized in January of 1988, is comprised of four Field Offices and a central administrative office. Each of the four TCNU Field Offices is assigned a specific geographical area to ensure complete coverage of Tarrant County. The Field Offices are staffed by narcotics investigators from local police departments, as well as investigators from the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office.

The four Field Offices are responsible for narcotics enforcement within their assigned area of the county. Each office works closely with and coordinates activities with the other Field Offices. TCNU also works hand-in-hand with the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Local Task Force. A TCNU investigator is assigned to that group. The DEA Task Force covers 21 counties in the North Texas region.

TCNU currently has six (6) full-time prosecutors assigned from the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office.  These Assistant District Attorneys serve as the courtroom arm of TCNU by assisting in case filings and in the prosecution of criminal cases and civil forfeiture suits.  In the past four years, over $7 million in cash and property has been forfeited to law enforcement as a result of efforts by TCNU.

TCNU Central Office………817-492-5222
TCNU Fax line………………817-492-5235

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