Computer Crimes

Technology and high tech devices have become an everyday part of our lives. Criminals have discovered this and frequently use technology to facilitate the commission of a variety of crimes.

As a component of the Economic Crimes Unit, the Computer Crimes Unit works to educate the public to prevent computer crime, and to prosecute the perpetrators. Many of the high tech devices criminals use to prey upon citizens leave fragile digital evidence behind. Often this evidence can be recovered and used in criminal prosecutions.

The Digital Forensic Services Section of the Computer Crimes Unit utilizes the latest forensic technology and certified computer forensic examiners to search out and retrieve evidence secreted in digital media. In today’s world, digital evidence is found not only in desktop computers and laptops, but also in cellular phones, personal data assistants, camera cards, and GPS devices. This evidence is then used in trials prosecuted by members of the Computer Crimes Unit and other units throughout the Criminal District Attorney’s Office.

In addition, the Computer Crimes Unit serves as Tarrant County’s main connection to the coordinated efforts of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. It assists in on-line and Internet investigations initiated through the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). The Computer Crimes Unit staff receives, reviews, and investigates the complaints referred by the IC3 and attempts to identify and prosecute the perpetrators.

The unit also assists other state and local law enforcement in the investigation of computer crimes and performs forensic examinations of hardware for virtually all agencies in the area. Our computer forensic experts assist in the execution of computer search warrants in an effort to capture evidence of criminal activity. Most criminal conduct involving the Internet crosses state, local, and even national boundaries.

The Computer Crimes Unit is active in the web community building a network of on-line enforcement relationships throughout the United States. This network is an essential element in the apprehension and prosecution of computer criminals.

In the event you have fallen victim to some form of computer crime, you may contact the Computer Crimes Unit at 817-212-7371 or complete a Complaint Form and mail or fax to:

Computer Crimes Unit
Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney
401 W. Belknap
Fort Worth, Texas 76196
Fax: 817-212-7372