NE Sub-Courthouse Briefly Relocated

If you have business at the Northeast Sub-Courthouse in the next 18 months, make sure you know where you’re going before you head out.

The Northeast Sub-Courthouse, located at 645 Grapevine Highway in Hurst, is currently closed for demolition and reconstruction. County offices inside the sub-courthouse have been temporarily relocated to either Southlake Town Hall or to an interim location at Parkwood Village, located off Harwood Road in Bedford. 

Offices of the Precinct 3 Commissioner, Constable and Justice of the Peace will be at Southlake Town Hall. The County Clerk, Tax Assessor and Credit Union will be at the Parkwood Village location.

A new and improved Northeast Courthouse is expected to reopen in about 18 months at the Hurst location.

Click here for more information about the temporary locations for the various departments.

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