Ethically Speaking…

Chip Wilkinson

The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure is clear: Prosecutors have a duty “not to convict but to see that justice is done.”

It’s a mandate that the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office takes seriously – and literally.

Assistant Criminal District Attorney Chip Wilkinson has written four books on ethics in criminal law and is considered a foremost expert in Texas on the subject.

Recently Wilkinson and another top prosecutor, Deputy Chief Criminal District Attorney Jack Strickland, were invited to give presentations on ethics in criminal law at symposiums. Wilkinson spoke in San Antonio at an event hosted by St. Mary’s Law Journal. Strickland drove up to Sherman to speak at Austin College.

Jack Strickland

Both prosecutors are frequent speakers for the office. And you want to know the cool part?

Neither is under any legal or ethical obligation to share their wisdom.

They do it for fun – and for free.

- Melody McDonald, Public Information Officer

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