Welcome to the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Website

This site is provided as a public service in the hope that it will foster a better understanding of our criminal justice system and of the services provided by the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office. It is updated daily.

I am honored to have been granted the privilege by Tarrant County voters to serve as the thirteenth Criminal District Attorney of Tarrant County.

This office is staffed by 164 attorneys. The total staff, including support personnel, is about 325. The annual budget, provided by Tarrant County through the action of our Commissioner’s Court, is approximately 34 million dollars. We handle approximately 45,000 criminal cases annually. We also deal with approximately 2,500 juvenile referrals during the same period.

It is our hope that the information and updates provided on this website will keep the public and press informed about our activities. Our mission is to make Tarrant County a safer place to live.

Joe Shannon Jr.
Criminal District Attorney